Ah, Sock Dreams. Supplier of interesting hosiery that quite often fits the fat of leg surprisingly well. And so, let us discuss. My calves are 19-20 inches at the widest point. I wear a US size 8 shoe – 7 1/2 if the shoe is suitably wide.

O Basics – I own these in the bubblegum color. They are a strong pink but not a neon or hot pink. They fit like knee highs and need a slight cuff at the top because I am short. Longer legs might not require the cuff. I also own the plum and, zomg, they are divine. The plum seems to have a bit more stretch for some reason. Both of these fit my calves, though if they are fresh out of the dryer they can be a little snug. I don’t mind – it helps keep them in place! I sometimes have to tug them a bit higher but I’ve not had any trouble with these socks falling.

O Yummies – The pomegranate color is GLORIOUS. Seriously, I wish my hair were this color. This sock also fits my calves well. The fabric is a slightly lighter knit which means there is the occasional patch you can see a tiny bit of skin through. It doesn’t bother me and the socks stretch with wear. Very comfy, though a bit loose in the feet.

N Stripes – I bought these in purple and lime and while the color was INCREDIBLE, the fit was not for me. These can be cuffed and turned into a knee high, but it’s a pain because the socks really are meant to be thigh-highs. I did not find them easy to stretch above my knee (the tops really only go to about 23 inches – the site is accurate in that regard). If you have thinner thighs, these might work for you but they are a lot of trouble for a knee high. I am considering sewing the toes at a different spot and turning them into knee highs.

Super Stripes Knee Highs – These are the socks of my dreams. I love them so much. So much. They stretch to fit my calves with no trouble and there is probably another inch or two of stretch in them. They cuff beautifully. They are a true knee high so people with legs longer than mine won’t even have to cuff. I have both the olive and black and the red and white pairs and they are constant, comfortable companions for my feet. They launder well and the stripes, though they do get a little thinner toward the top when stretched over my leg, do not distort unpleasantly.

Cotton Tabis – These were the first socks that I ordered from Sock Dreams, for part of a costume. They are lightweight, stretchy, and well-fitting ankle socks. The toe separation does not freak me out the way most toe socks do (I get weird about things going between my toes, generally). Also, the fabric does not strangle my fat little toes – my big toe was comfy and the rest of my toes were comfy and I didn’t have little nipples of unoccupied fabric (I have short toes). I am sad to say most of the various colors are out of stock as of this writing, but the are SO worth it if you find yourself in need of tabi socks. The two foot sizes seem to run pretty true, as well. I wear the medium size and it fits perfectly.

White Knees – I recently ordered these in the seafoam and white colorway. I was expecting to have to alter them because they are described as over the knee. Y’all, I am short and there is no way they are reaching over my knees. In fact, if my legs were an inch or two longer (if I could just grow a few more pesky inches), these would be a perfect knee-length sock on my fat little legs. The ankles tend to get a little baggy, but since I am generally wearing them with boots, it is okay by me. After a day of wearing these socks – more than 10 hours – I did have little marks at the tops of my legs where the socks had dug in a little bit to the really fatty part of my leg (right below my knee joint, there is a bunch of fat that pudges out), but it wasn’t a comfort issue at any point during the day. Also, I didn’t once have to reach down and pull these socks up. I can’t wait to buy more – I think I’ll have to get the lime and white ones next. Of course, there are also Green Knees and Pink Knees and Purple Knees…. I wouldn’t order these, though, if your calf is more than 20 inches around.

Sock Dreams Diamond Rib Knee Highs – Can we have a moment of silence for the perfect knee socks that almost were? The Bordeaux pair that I ordered were GORGEOUS when I opened my package. The fabric is fantastic and soft, the pattern is killer, and the feet fit well. The legs are INCREDIBLY stretchy and I had high hopes as I put them on. Unfortunately, the promise of the sock is dashed by the thread used to finish off the top cuff of the socks. Oh, they went on my legs okay and I actually found them more generously sized in the calves than even my O Basics (and other shades thereof). But, because of the tight bind-off, cuffing them was a little tricky. I tried pulling them above my knees and while the leg was okay with that, again, the top of the cuff wasn’t having it. I wore these all day because, hey, you never know, right? I was hoping it was just going to be a snug fit. Alas, when I finally took off my socks, I had a very painful red line where the binding thread had cut into my legs all day. It’s possible that I’ll be able to replace this thread with some more elastic. The thread IS kind of stretchy. It just doesn’t match the stretch of the rest of the sock. My 20-inch calves were a bit too much for the cuff, but if you have an 18-inch calf or smaller, I think you’ll be okay to wear these socks. And I’ll be jealous because, ZOMG, they are beautiful.

A Chevrons – I ordered these in the lilac and white color combination. I completely love them. I’ve been wearing them with my t-strap kitten heel Mary Jane type shoes and I’ve been wearing them around the house (because hardwood floors are like ice) and I need to order some more before I wear this pair out. These are tallish anklets – they come up over my ankle but they tend to scrunch down because the fabric is so OMG soft. My plan now is to order these in many, many other colors. I love that I can wear them with my Mary Janes, and that they are just so PRETTY. These are my new favorite socks.

Rugby Striped Knee Highs – I got these in the black and jade. They stretch well but are short on fat legs. They stayed in place pretty well, but since they are short, they always feel like they are slipping down. It might be worth trying the over the knee version of these. The colors are AWESOME and the fabric is nice. The fit IS snug at first but they loosen up a bit.

Crochet Anklets – I was honestly disappointed in these. They are so pretty but just don’t work on my feet at all. The ankle portion falls and droops. It isn’t that they are too small, either. There just isn’t enough structure to them.

Nouvella Striped Knee Highs with Lace – These are really very pretty socks. They are meant to be cuffed at the top and that is where they run into problems on my legs. The stretch of the leg is AWESOME. The stretch of the lace? Is pretty good but is just not quite enough for my leg. Still, I COULD trim the lace off. The real problem is the portion of the sock that is meant to be the place where the socks are cuffed. It is knit differently and just doesn’t stretch enough. Alas, alas. I’m not really sure what I am going to do with these.

Fishnet Anklets with Lace Ruffle – These are cute, fun, flirty, sexy, and a whole host of other really awesome adjectives. Awesome sauce. I have the red ones – and I have these ridiculous grey, black, and red platform shoes and they are going to be perfect. I’ll post pictures. It’ll be great. These, obviously, aren’t everyday socks but for $5, they are fantastic for playing dressup.

Sock it to Me 2 Color Stripes – I put these on and, I swear, I thought I’d found the holy grail of knee highs for fat legs. They FIT. They come in amazing color combinations. The fabric is soft and thin, which means you can wear them with dressy shoes to make ridiculous fatshion statements. There’s just one problem. I can’t get these things to stay up to save my life. I wore them one day and while I LOVED the look, any time I walked more than 5 feet I was stopping to tug at them. In fact, I tugged at them so much that I wound up putting a finger through the top of one of them. *sad* I’m going to wash them and give them another try, though. They’re just that good-looking. And they come in stripes of several varieties and polka dots and STARS.