REVAMP!! This page is getting some new links, some old links are getting some updated info, and so on.

In the meantime, enjoy the stores that have survived the cut and the gold star new listing Lucie Lu.

Lucie Lu — Y’all. Omg, y’all. This is, bar none, my favorite site for ordering clothes. If they were a brick-and-mortar store, I’d go there every payday. The quality is great, the customer service is fantastic, and the styles are so damn on trend it hurts me in the best possible way. And yet, it isn’t gross trendy. I regularly obsess over items from this store. My virtual shopping cart, it is full. And now I have an order to place.

Igigi — Way outside of my usual budget. AWESOME formal and special occasion wear, though.

Torrid — Can I just tell you how much I USED to like Torrid? My goth tendencies, don’t you know. I am finally getting over my heartbreak that they no longer carry a lot of really gothy stuff and appreciating what they DO carry.

Lane Bryant — The old standby. Good times. The styles vary wildly by season, the prices are inexplicable. But they are my go-to resource, especially for basics. The website has a maternity section, has extended sizes they don’t carry in-store, AND has a neat bridal selection.

Old Navy — I don’t give them my money, actually. So there.

Alight — These people carry Blue Plate and oh, how I love Blue Plate. Very awesome resource for a lot of different brands. The prices are all over the place, depending on the brand. The customer service is good — I have returned items in the past with no trouble at all.

Sock Dreams — If you are sock-obsessed, this is the place to be. They are REALLY good about giving measurements on the taller socks, so if you know your calf measurement, you can buy socks without worries. I favor the O-socks in all different colors. They make an EXCELLENT knee sock for fatties.

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