Did you even bother to read this blog before you emailed me? I’m asking this as a serious question because I get laughable numbers of email like the one you sent me, hopeful and intent on me publicizing some diet or program or book that runs entirely counter to the purpose and goal of this blog.

Which is Fat Acceptance.

Fat Acceptance means, for those of you playing at home, no more dieting. It means no more killing yourself (sometimes literally) in pursuit of “the thin person inside” and no more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.

I just made that up. Catchy, ain’t it? *laugh*

Look, the National Body Challenge isn’t the feel-good event that the Discovery Channel keeps trying to frame it as. It is, instead, yet another two-fold example: a) our country is goddamn obsessive-compulsive about dieting at this point and b) it doesn’t damn well work.

If it did, you wouldn’t need to stir the national frenzy in this way.

I’d actually be all for the National Body Challenge if it were about honoring your body and moving and doing things that are healthy for you as an individual. I’m a fan of people doing what they need to do to take care of themselves (even if – ESPECIALLY IF – that means NOT exercising as a few people I know must do to avoid crushing, debilitating fatigue).

But the National Body Challenge is a diet. Another diet that tells us, really, all we fatties need to do is eat less and exercise more.

We’ve heard that a million times. We’ve tried it a million times. And, most likely, we’ve wound up fatter.

If y’all don’t read the blog at all, if you just see “ooooooh, body politics with x number of readers”, I can understand that. I can just delete your email and move on. But if you are actually reading the blog and you see what I’m doing here, what we’re all a part of doing here, and you still think my blog would be the perfect place to promote the National Body Challenge? Either I’m doing something really, really wrong or your reading comprehension just isn’t what it should be for someone working in the PR field.

The Rotund

NOTE: Hey, y’all! Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days! Vacation is stellar and I’m totally wearing the bathing suit (pretty much all day every day) and I have some totally rad stories for you when I get home. Love!

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  1. Posted January 8, 2009 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    “no more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.”

    This is beautiful. And I agree, if this PR person is actually reading the blog then certainly there are a few key concepts they have been missing….

  2. Pepper Reed
    Posted January 8, 2009 at 9:26 pm | Permalink


    “If it did, you would(N’T) need to stir the national frenzy in this way.”

    Did I read your original text incorrectly?

    Either way, well said! Have a great vacation1

  3. ecosconnie
    Posted January 8, 2009 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

    “no more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.”

    Can we get this on a t-shirt?

  4. April
    Posted January 8, 2009 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    “and no more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.”

    best line ever.

  5. Posted January 9, 2009 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    I think all the focus on ‘weight loss’ makes it harder for people to use food and exercise for health. I didn’t realize that eating less junk food and light exercise could do so much to increase my energy levels. I always thought of myself as fat and uncoordinated. I didn’t think that picking up weights twice a week and thinking about the quality of my food could make a real difference.

    I’ve been on the diet roller coaster myself. All it causes is disappointment and exhaustion. However, eating food that makes you feel good and exercising just to move makes sense. We need to separate eating and exercising for better living and eating and exercising for weight loss. They aren’t the same.

  6. Posted January 9, 2009 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    “No more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.”

    Amazing line, I agree!

    The PR person probably doesn’t read the blog or even care about what they’re talking about. They’ll just see a blog about fat with a lot of readers and not think any further, it’s no skin of their nose if you don’t promote them.

  7. Posted January 9, 2009 at 6:58 am | Permalink

    They probably just type words like “weight” and “fat” and “diet” into google and just blanket bomb anyone whose blog comes up. After all there’s a pretty good chance most of the hits they get will be dutifully self-flagellating fat folk seeking redemption from seasonal over-indulgence. (Mince pies! The horror!) I trust you sent a copy of your letter to the daft bint in question?

  8. Pegkitty
    Posted January 9, 2009 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    Hee, buffbuff – I think mince pies ARE “The horror!” but for a completely different reason! :-)

  9. TR
    Posted January 9, 2009 at 9:57 am | Permalink

    I agree that it’s just a sort of carpet bombing of body-themed blogs, so to speak. It’s just getting annoying. I get three or four of these emails every week – sometimes more. I’ve gotten TWO at this point that seem interesting to me. TWO! And both of those came from people who seem to have actually read the blog and who are promoting things that I think I can support. Two!

    And, yes, I’ve forwarded on this email to Alison. *grin* Though I don’t know if she’ll ever read it.

  10. Posted January 9, 2009 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Oh man, I LOVE this blog. Your catchphrase is pure brilliance.

  11. Posted January 9, 2009 at 11:06 am | Permalink

    “no more putting off ’til Thin Tomorrow what you can do Fat Today.”

    Motto of my life. Putting it on my coat of arms.

  12. Posted January 9, 2009 at 11:09 am | Permalink

    Pegkitty, I hate mince pies too – and Christmas Pudding, and Dundee and Christmas cake, (apart from the marzipan and icing). I don’t even like brandy butter. Just gimme some chocolate, a glass of Amaretto and the Dr Who Christmas special and that’s my festive transgressions sorted.

    Glad to hear you’re having a fab, swimsuit-sporting time, TR!

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